The Mondriaan Fund offers a Master-Apprentice Scheme, to meet the increasing demand from emerging artists for guidance by an experienced colleague and also to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience.  Emerging artists are allied with established colleagues for consultation on their artistic and commercial practice, within the context of the various Mondriaan Fund grant programs and other activities. See below for more information.

In collaboration with Cultuur-Ondernemen the Mondriaan Fund offers the possibility of mentoring; a custom-made-program for artists granted a Stipendium for Emerging Artists. The program is based on a series of meetings to discuss the development and progress of the work, while exchanging of ideas, inspiration and experience.

The Mondriaan Fund supports the Kunstpodium T Master-Apprentice Scheme, coupling graduating artists from different national and international academies to more experienced colleagues. This results in a series of exhibitions, where students exhibit together and with the ‘master-artist’.

Project Investment Visual Artists
For time-bound projects with or without concrete results, for example a national or international internship with an artist or a cultural institution; or an working collaboration between a mid-career artist and an emerging artist. This form of collaboration boosts the art practice of the more experienced artist because a significant project is undertaken, while the emerging artist gains valuable experience.

Lastly, the Mondriaan Fund can support pilot collaboration projects, at the moment three: Kansplaatsen Erfgoedtalent, the masterclass series The Drive of… and Across the Board. Zie hier onder voor meer informatie.

For more information concerning the Master-Apprentice Scheme contact Steven van Teeseling, senior officer innovation projects at the Mondriaan Fund.