Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Grants

For whom and for what?

Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Grants are intended for museums and other cultural heritage institutions that wish to select, discard or relocate parts of their collections in order to increase the quality of those collections, raise their profile, and improve the focus of their collection profiles.

The aim is to promote a better understanding of what is important to the Dutch National Cultural Heritage Collection, so as to increase its quality and profile.

The amount of the Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Grant will be determined for each individual application. The Mondriaan Fund will finance up to 40 percent of the eligible costs.

An application for a Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Grant cannot be submitted to fund construction work, the preservation of listed buildings, the excavation of archaeological objects, passive conservation or documenting the collection. Furthermore, the grant is not intended for relocations that are already being supported with State cultural resources or which institutions can be reasonably expected to fund from their regular budgets.

  • Conditions

    In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Grants are subject to the following conditions:

    • The application procedure is only open to publicly accessible Dutch institutions that are in charge of museum collections of national and international significance.
    • If there is a receiving institution, the institutions must submit the application jointly.
    • The applicants must be registered with the Museums Register.
    • The applicant institutions must be accommodating in respect of the loan transactions with Dutch institutions and act in accordance with the Basic Principles for Smarter Loan Transactions in the Netherlands (Slimmer Lenen Uitgangspunten bruikleenverkeer binnen Nederland).  This means that Dutch museums will not be charged expenses for loaning works of art and that direct costs such as transport, insurance and packaging expenses (handling fee) will be minimised.
    • Collections must be disposed of in accordance with the Guideline for the Disposal of Museum Objects and, where possible, according to the valuation framework of the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency.
    • Applicants are expected to make a significant financial contribution themselves.
  • Assessment

    All applications that comply with the formal conditions and that have been submitted with the requested annexes will be presented to a committee which will issue recommendations on the allocation of a Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Grant. Click here if you wish to learn how your application will be processed. The advisory committee will assess the cultural and historical significance of the collection and the relevance to the public of relocating part of the collection. It will do so on the basis of:

    • A statement as to why it is important that an object be relocated and how it is relevant to the institution’s own collection and the Dutch National Cultural Heritage Collection;
    • The collection plan;
    • A budget covering all expenses that complies with the Mondriaan Fund’s guidelines;

    And, where applicable:

    • The reasons for the collaboration;
    • A presentation plan that explains how the right audience will be reached.

    The advisory committee will use five interrelated criteria to assess the application:

    • The importance for the Dutch National Cultural Heritage Collection.
    • The importance for the receiving collection.
    • The importance for and the reputation of the applicant and the receiving institution.
    • The cultural and historical value and the condition of the object or of the collection or sub-collection.
    • The degree of visibility and the quality of the presentation plan, particularly with regard to the way it seeks to reach an appropriate audience in an inspiring manner.

    Generally speaking, grant applications are more likely to be successful if they are submitted by two or more parties. One of the aspects which will be assessed is whether the collaboration will create added value for the plan.

    Final assessment
    Applicants are only eligible for a Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Grant if the advisory committee issues a positive recommendation regarding the above criteria.
    Such a positive recommendation may come with a recommendation on the sum to be awarded as a grant.
    For budgetary reasons, the Mondriaan Fund’s board may request the advisory committee to weigh the applications against each other and rank the positive recommendations in order of priority.

  • Apply

    An application for a Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Grant can be submitted through the Mondriaan Fund’s online application system. You will have to have an account in order to do this. The system will allow you to fill in an online application form and submit it along with the annexes requested in the checklist below. Click here for the FAQ about online applications.

    Applications for a Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Grant can be submitted throughout the year. Applicants must allow for a total processing period of a maximum of three months. Grants from the Mondriaan Fund cannot be awarded with retroactive effect, which is why the application must be submitted well before the desired commencement date.

  • Contact

    For assistance or questions, please contact Lotte Hemelrijk [+31 (0)20 523 16 64] or Marineke van der Reijden [+31 (0)20 523 16 62], or call the general phone number:  +31 (0)20 523 15 23.

    This explanation is based on the Collection Reallocation and Decollecting Programme.