Patty Morgan Patty Morgan

The digitisation of visual art and heritage is an important point of focus for the Mondriaan Fund, regardless of whether it involves collections, publications, magazines, research or other platforms for visibility, reflection and mediation. By means of development contributions, the fund is supporting a number of innovative platforms on which new types of presentation and collaboration are being examined in practice.

The Mondriaan Fund supported the open call by the Digital Heritage Visible of the Digital Heritage Network (Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed – NDE). Based on the call, four projects were supported that make digital heritage accessible to a wider public, with the user as the centre of focus: from an educational application that displays a digital museum collection in the classroom to a digital map with all the available information about historic buildings that no longer exist.
The Mondriaan Fund also helped to finance the realisation of the online Platform Workplaces. This platform is the product of the urgent need of a large number of workplaces to collaborate more, to share experience and knowledge and to adopt a clear-cut standpoint regarding the importance of the workplaces for art and other social sectors. The online platform is enabling the available workplaces to increase their visibility.

Patty Morgan and We Like Art were supported because they enable a better match between the production, presentation and sale of the work of visual artists for a broad and partly new public. The platforms use contemporary technologies and communicate using the social networks of the platform users.
The fund also helped to finance the Laboratory for Up-To-Date Art Criticism (Laboratorium Actuele Kunstkritiek – LAK), a joint venture between several (online) cultural magazines in the Netherlands and Flanders. LAK is an initiative of The Domain for Art Criticism and Rekto:verso and is searching for new avenues for the magazines, an area in which the internet and digitisation are having a significant impact. The exhibition agenda Exhibitionist and the magazine Extra Extra were given support for the (further) development of their online platform function. These initiatives are looking into new types of representation and, by extension, new earning models for art and artists. The main focus is on making art visible in an easily accessible way.

In the context of clientship, the Mondriaan Fund supported the blog Made Public (Publiek gemaakt), which is aimed at stimulating interest in art in the public space with articles, reviews, background information and interviews, and also wants to reach new clients.

The fund has already helped finance a digital helpdesk for clientship. This helpdesk is closely linked to the fund’s Grant for Commissioning and provides practical information about procedures, intermediaries and model projects with visual art in the public space. The website helps clients to formulate a good commission for visual artists.